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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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December 2008 Archives

There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the best and worst in ourselves. Perspective this time of year can truly be a gift. One thing that can help us understand and appreciate the ups and downs of our life journey is to devise a self-discovery image. Images, unlike words, spring from beyond the intellect, from a deeper, more essential part of our nature, and help us to see more clearly the rewards and challenges of personal growth. Here are some fun, everyday images we hope will inspire you to envision and honor your own path of self-discovery.

Self-discovery is like a shopping trip.
• It gives us a chance to try on a variety of ways of being until we find one that’s just our size.
• It reminds us that while experts may have a sense of what’s trendy, we need to shop around for a style that is uniquely our own.
• It requires us to return those “must have� items that turned out to be a bad fit.
• It demands we keep track of basic staples that matter to our well-being – our values, beliefs, and desires – and prompts us to make sure we replenish them.

Self-discovery is like a musical performance.
• It makes us recognize the need for internal harmony – getting all parts of ourselves in tune and in time with the rhythm our lives
• It offers us the opportunity to make choices about what to continue playing and what old standards no longer suit us
• It pushes to acknowledge our strengths and commit to extra practice in areas that are less developed to create a richer and wider-ranging repertoire
• It requires us to sing our own song even if the applause is limited to a few die-hard fans

Self-discovery is like an adventure vacation.
• It offers us the opportunity to explore places that are new and exotic
• It requires us to gear up and trust that we are equipped to go the distance
• It shows us that what’s exciting and different isn’t necessarily comfortable
• It compels us to rethink our route as roadblocks, detours, and unanticipated excursions present themselves

You get the picture – give yourself permission to shop around, perform your music, and make the most of your adventure. Try looking at things from a new vantage point. Foster your creative, playful side and craft your own image. Express yourself – perfection NOT required!

Self-Discovery Tool Number Three
How can you capture what self-discovery feels like to you? How could you use this image to celebrate who you are and make real who you hope to become?