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One Simple Thing

January is nearly over – the post-New Year’s rut has set in and we feel our motivation sag. We start to question whether we deserve better lives, happiness, or a sense of wellbeing. How can we pull out of this self-defeating slide toward complacency and negativity?

Start by doing one simple thing today that makes you feel happy. Buy fresh flowers or a plant, watch a favorite TV show whether it’s highbrow or not, use that nice perfume, lotion, or grooming product that you have been saving for a special occasion. Be a little late, stop for coffee, see how well the world survives without you and how much better you feel for having taken a break. Ask your spouse to take care of the dry cleaning, the dinner, or the kids. Single? Celebrate the fact that you have no one to answer to and head out to the driving range, attend a concert, go to a book signing, or participate in a community event on the spur of the moment. Seems simple, right? But how often do we actually honor what it is we really enjoy? We find all sorts of reasons why we can’t do what we like now, or why it doesn’t really matter, or why whatever we desire is selfish, frivolous, or foolish. How easy it is dismiss our inner longing, our inner voice, ourselves!

Just imagine – if everyone began to honor what it is that brings them joy, we would no doubt have a happier community and world. Do you feel like fighting after you’ve just engaged in something that brings you joy? Do you feel like hurting someone else after you have just nurtured your true self? No. Following your bliss really is a caring act. Do everyone a favor – start savoring what makes life wonderful in some small way today. Do it for yourself. Do it for the benefits to others. Do it for all of us who are struggling to give ourselves permission to do the same. It is truly preventive community medicine!

Self-Discovery Tool Number Five
With new appreciation of the community-wide benefits – what are some simple ways you can activate your heart’s desire?


D'you know, I've been working for myself for more than 2 years, now, and it's the fact that I can be a little - or a lot - late, without forfeiting responsibility, and set aside time for the things that make me truly happy, that makes it worthwhile. On that note, I'm off to get a tattoo!

Found your page and such via tweeter. Good stuff!

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