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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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Spring Into Self-Discovery – Planting and Pruning for New Growth

The arrival of spring offers plentiful examples of growth and renewal. To take advantage of this energy, we need to focus not only on cultivating new ways of being and doing, but also on pruning away what may no longer be nourishing. Take a look at your habits and patterns and consider trimming those that have the potential to stunt your growth.

Releasing outdated ways of living can make you feel like you’re fighting through a thicket of dead wood. However, until you separate what is healthy from what is sapping your strength, you will find that your efforts produce only a meager harvest. Eliminating ideas, things, relationships, etc. that are no longer useful gives you the energy and room to focus on those things that are sustaining, joyful, and truly important.

Here are few ideas for taking stock of what to tend carefully and what to toss onto the compost pile:

• When spending time with a significant other (from work, family, etc) or doing a typical activity, does this fill you with joy?

• If someone asked you to recommend this person or activity, would you be able to do so?

• When you spend time and effort on this person or activity, do you feel energized?

• Are you eager for the next time you will see this person or engage in this activity?

• Is your commitment to this person or activity something you are looking to expand and deepen?

If you can’t truthfully answer yes to the above questions, you may want to limit the time you spend with that person or taking part in that activity. Begin to weed out relationships, tasks and commitments that are no longer constructive to make room for those things you want to see grow and expand. Further, consider what things you want to introduce into your “garden” for the first time. Give yourself permission to feel hopeful about these new developments. Make the extra daylight hours count by creating space in your life for fresh growth.

Self-Discovery Tool Number 9
Examine the people and activities that fill your life – which of these deserve a bit of extra attention and which might be best set aside? Choose one person or activity that you want to decrease your involvement. Choose one person or activity that you want to increase your involvement. Make a commitment to enact these changes and have your best spring yet!

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