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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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December 2009 Archives

The Best Santa is You

Those of us who celebrate Christmas may recall writing to Santa as a child. In our letters, we typically shared how we were doing in school and how well we had behaved over the past year. We hoped that by presenting our goods deeds to Santa, our good behavior would be rewarded - and that meant presents! Now that we've grown up, it's time to re-examine and re-orient this idea. Rather than seeking another's approval and then waiting for the reward to follow, we need to be our own Santa - a Self-Discovery Santa - ready to recognize our own accomplishments. Whatever way you commemorate the season, Hanukkah, Christmas, or some other celebration, add to the holiday spirit by giving to yourself. There is something very powerful about creating a "goodness record" and then choosing ways to honor those achievements. Use the example below to get you started.

My Goodness Record
Here is a reminder of some of the ways in the past year that I've managed to do good for myself or others. I'm particularly proud that I:

Found time to:
Tried a new:
Thought deeply about:
Improved my physical well-being by:

My Plan To Be My Own Santa
To acknowledge these successes, here is my plan for rewarding myself. Beginning with this holiday season, I will:

Compliment myself on:
Have fun doing:
Accept love and support from:
Be more realistic and gentle with myself about:
Commit to better health by:

Self-Discovery Tool Number 20
Making a list and checking it twice (or as often as needed) can remind us how far we've come on our journey. Understanding what we are like when we are at our best enables us to be that way more often. Rewarding ourselves for what we've done well helps us feel motivated to do good again. Be your own "Self-Discovery Santa" - value who you are and what you do - make your season bright!