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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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May 2010 Archives

Where are you in life journey? Where are your thoughts, feelings, and inner murmurings leading you? Sometimes we feel a yearning but don't know what it is telling us or how to bring that yearning into focus so we can do something about it. Sometimes we need to try something unusual and creative to decode the message and unlock the potential that comes from moving toward where our instincts are leading us. With this in mind we want you to use food as a metaphor. Look at the list below for inspiration - what "soul-nourishment" are you missing, desiring, or moving toward?

Dessert tray
Tasty, decadent, wicked, fun
May signify choosing to create more pleasure in your life

Meat and potatoes
Rich, homey, solid, traditional
May signify choosing to create more stability and sense of family in your life

Garden salad
Fresh, light, healthy, natural
May signify choosing to create more physical well-being in your life

Pancake breakfast
Child-like, sweet, uncomplicated, friendly
May signify choosing to create more play and levity in your life

Exotic fare
Complex, engaging, sensuous, novel
May signify choosing to create more new experiences in your life

Peanut butter and jelly
Simple, straightforward, casual, back-to-basics
May signify choosing to create more simplicity by eliminating what is no longer needed in your life

Self-Discovery Tool #26
What does your food metaphor say about where you are in your self-discovery process? What are you craving? Is it time to add to your diet? Are there supplements to your current ways of doing and thinking that would be nutritious to your soul? Perhaps it's time to shift out of old patterns and find new recipes for fulfillment - follow your instincts, feed your soul's hunger, and take a big bite out of the deliciousness that life has to offer!