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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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October 2010 Archives

What helps you feel part of something larger than yourself? Work, prayer, volunteering, making donations? In addition to doing these big things (which are terrific), there are more ordinary but no less important ways to re-connect to the spirit by exploring the sacred around you. In our fast-paced world where large gestures are celebrated, we may lose track of the value of everyday sources of meaningful connection. Yet all around us, if we choose to see it, is evidence of the sacred. Re-connect to the divine in daily life by nurturing your relationship to the senses, to your natural world and to the community in which you reside.

For (re)connecting with the senses

• Listen to the rhythm of footsteps, cars passing, or voices in a crowd
• Run your hands over different surfaces, noticing what feels rough, soft, smooth, porous, etc., and enjoy the variety of touch sensations
• Eat something slowly, concentrating on how it tastes, smells, and feels in your mouth
• Observe a fountain, river, lake, etc., and notice how light is reflected by the movement of the water

For (re)connecting with the natural world

• Eat produce from a local provider or your own garden
• Notice and appreciate the plants and animals that inhabit your day to day surroundings
• Crunch your way through a pile of leaves, splash in a puddle, or go barefoot on grass
• Pause in a quiet spot and listen to small sounds normally missed

For (re)connecting with the community in which you live

• Eat your lunch in a public area such as a park
• Cheer on your local team - high school, college, professional, park league, etc.
• Enjoy a festival that features local art, entertainment, or food
• Participate in a celebration that honors your ethnic heritage or one that honors the ethnic communities in which you live

Use these strategies to help you recapture the spark of child-like exhilaration and excitement you felt when you had time to truly enjoy your surroundings. Marvel at the recognition that you are connected to the universe and everything in it.

Self-Discovery Tool Number 31
How can reconnecting with your senses, the natural world, and your community - or sacred realms of your own choosing - help you deepen your relationship with the divine? What simple things can you do today to renew your sense of meaning and purpose?