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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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Yesterday Can Help with Today

As we begin the second decade of the 21st century, we are not pushing changes, resolutions, or new philosophies. We figure that, like us, you have heard enough about these notions from other sources. No, this year we're going "old school" and embracing age-old wisdom and the best of the past - traditional thinking that's worth a second look as well as worthy of being carried forward into the future. Sometimes we're in such a hurry for the next best thing that we forget to practice and embrace what's already understood, working, and useful. So in honor of 2011, we reprise 11 basic truths for the New Year:

  1. Honor your elders, learn from their experience and resiliency
  2. Kindness, patience, and a warm smile are powerful medicine, use them
  3. Practice politeness; good manners and a pleasant attitude never go out of style
  4. Be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you believe is missing
  5. Good friends are priceless, treat them accordingly
  6. Help others when you can, what comes around goes around
  7. Life's too short to hold grudges, forgive when possible and forgive yourself, too
  8. If it's too good to be true it probably is, be wary if someone or something promises too much
  9. Nature's beauty is available to us if we take the time to notice and appreciate it - even in the city the sky is always above our heads and the ground is always beneath our feet
  10. Be yourself, it's much easier than trying to be someone you're not and no one else can be you like you can!
  11. Insert your own basic truth here (this spot is reserved for your own worthy tradition; something coming from your heart, your family, your community, etc., that you wish to carry forward)

Self-Discovery Tool Number 34
What folk wisdom or sage advice from those who've gone before might be applicable now to life challenges you are facing? How can you tap into the teachings of the past to get perspective on the present and build a better future? We encourage you to get back to basics, simplify and use what you know - make 2011 the "new" good old days!

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