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The Self-Discovery Digest

by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
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Non-Attachment in Decision Making Brings Freedom

When approaching a tough decision, coming from a position of non-attachment can be a great tool. Non-attachment is about taking the perspective that all good solutions are on the table and thus no particular option is privileged until all information has been examined. Non-attachment means that whatever happens, you'll be alright because you won't be paralyzed by the mistaken assumption that things will-or have to-turn out a certain way.

You approach decisions with an open heart and an open mind. You aren't overly tied to the past, though you respect what has come before. And you aren't lost in an unrealistic fantasy featuring an overly idyllic or exceedingly gloomy future either. The opinions of others are not over or under valued. You are in a place of balance. To help get you to this place of balance and non-attachment, we suggest trying the following techniques.

Examine your reactions. As you think about each option, pay close attention to your physical and emotional responses: Are you filled with joy and peace, does your body feel lighter and your head more clear? Or are you experiencing a sense of unease and hopelessness, accompanied by a heaviness or tension in your body? When you consider putting aside a particular possibility, do you feel relief or anxiety?

Imagine you are counseling a friend faced with your dilemma. What advice would you give your friend? When considering the issues from the outside, which solutions would likely stand the test of time and which are temporary fixes? Which choices would cause you to say your friend was acting with integrity and which would you evaluate as merely convenient? Would you counsel your friend to compromise or stick to his or her guns?

Self-Discovery Tool Number 37
When tackling a big decision, try approaching it from a place of non-attachment. Suspend preconceptions about what has to happen and what the correct and ultimate outcome should be. Revel in the clarity this affords. Notice the freedom this gives you to make a more complete commitment - this is your choice and it represents something about who you are and who you seek to become!

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