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The All-Digital Library? Not Quite Yet

"...not everybody's ready to pull the plug on print. "Given the needs of the humanities in particular, it just wouldn't be feasible at the present moment" for libraries to go all-digital..."

"The conversations Ms. Spiro and Ms. Henry had with librarians also revealed how the culture of librarianship is evolving. They found evidence of a "container-neutral approach," in which it doesn't really matter how information is packaged, as long as it can easily be found by or delivered to users."

This seems to me to present some interesting challenges to instruction--as much of it is based on the container. In face, that is often the first question we start with on the reference desk? "Do you need a book or article?"

Seems like more of a focus on critical evaluation and helping to guide students on selecting materials that are appropriate for their topic/assignment and less on container/searching. But are students ready? Are we or our systems ready? What do you think?

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