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Reactions to Planning Speaker series--Paul Courant

I really like this continuum from information to knowledge to wisdom.

__here is a bit from the article Wendy used in the introduction___


Courant said he predicts the University Library will use converted files to make materials even more digitally accessible in the future.

"In a few years, most of what I expect will be in the library (will be) in a form where you'll be able to load it into something that looks like a Kindle or a Sony Reader and read it very easily," he said.

He added that the stacks will eventually disappear.

With this shift, Courant said the role of universities and libraries will become increasingly important as society moves into the "information age," where loads of information are available at people's fingertips.

"The problem of converting information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom is every bit as important as it always was," he said. "The University is the place that's going to figure out how to do that, and within it, the library is going to be the place in the University that figures that out."



Bottom Line:
publishing very important
peer review very important but the two don't need to be connected


Interesting to think about how you would teach about evaluation with different guideposts than journal title, reputation, impact factor, etc.


Like the ideas of copyright--I get very impatient when this comes up with talking about copyright in teaching or scholarly works--at least when it stands in the way of accomplishing things

What role do we have to teach about Open Access--to faculty, to best target? e.g. future faculty? future scientists? future teachers? everyone?

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