Moodle: My New Best Friend

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I use Moodle in two different ways to support my library instruction role.  The first way I  use it is to create online versions of some of the hour-long workshops that we teach over here at Sci/Eng.

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I like the flexibility that Moodle gives to the user to jump to the particular part of the workshop that they're interested in learning about.  Unlike videos there's no fast forwarding, then rewinding, then more fast forwarding to find that one particular piece of information that you need a refresher on.

I look at these pages kind of like online handouts.  This way the user doesn't have to dig through folders and notebooks to find information that they took away from the class.  Also, Moodle allows you to use screen captures that I think make the instructions easier to understand.

The other way I use Moodle is for mini-tutorials that I append to Course Lib pages

FDA Resources.jpg

If I give a class lecture and students are going to need to learn how to use the FDA Resources databases I create little subpage in a generic Moodle account that I've set up and link to it right under the resource that  I talked about in their class.

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