first venture into recording mini video using Camtasia Relay

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After a few technical difficulties...and a few tries here is a short intro video for College in the Schools program. I am now trying to figure out how to send this out in an email to teachers to share with their students....any ideas? You can't embed a video in an email, right? Maybe Youtube? Here is our little University of Minnesota Channel (


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No, you can't embed a video into an email (and that would probably make the email huge, anyway), but if it's a YouTube video and the recipient happens to have gmail, they will have the option of viewing the video as if it were embedded. I would think sending out a link to YouTube would work fine for most. Most people are pretty familiar with & comfortable with YouTube.

And nice job, by the way. A handy little intro that would be probably be appropriate for Freshmen, not just College in the Schools participants.

Nice job! I'm sure CIS will be thrilled to have that. You might ask if they can post it on the "Student and Administrative Resources" portion of their website in addition to YouTube.

Kate, this is a great introduction. Did you create this in PowerPoint and then have run through while you narrated? I'd love to know the process you used.

Hi Emily,
I created a PPT and then used Class Capture or Camtasia Relay--( It seems to work great for the quick and dirty--no editing. Certainly there a lots of products that do this but since this is tied to Media Mill--storage isn't an issue.

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