Geolocation/Social Networking Tools as a Platform for InfoLit Training?

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I've been playing around with Foursquare a geo-locating social networking application, for a few months now. Foursquare allows you to tell friends where you are currently, and to share tips and other information with others about the places you visit. You can also use Foursquare to push notifications about your current location out to other applications like Twitter.

It was a friend I follow on Twitter who alerted me to this article about how Harvard is using Foursquare to encourage new students to explore the campus.

The application turns social networking into a running competition by creating incentives for users to explore neighborhoods, discover new venues, and make recommendations to the entire foursquare network. Individuals who download the free app can "check in" using their phones from different venues to earn badges and points. Updates and posted tips and suggestions can be shared across other social networking and microblogging sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
I wonder if this would also make a good platform for a game that would incorporate library orientation. 


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Sounds good. I wonder if we should talk about a pilot with First Year Programming and Orientation. IS harvard Library using it at all? I also just heard from one of the CIC librarians that they are using "augmented reality" in a game to explore the Library. I know very little about augmented reality--I wonder if they could be combined.

I'm not sure how much the library is involved in what Harvard is doing. I suppose we could contact the person they quote in the article, Perry Hewitt, and try to find out more.

We could certainly try to collaborate with First Year Programming and Orientation, but my thought was to explore the possibility of using this same idea/technology to do something more libraries/infolit-focused. I guess even if it is a libraries-focused activity, it would be ideal if it could be formally part of the orientation -- it would be better for getting the word out about it, etc.

Here's a good article on how libraries can get started using FourSquare:

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