Reaching remote students: Athens State University's electronically embedded librarian program

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Short article about incorporating info lit (not specifically stated as an aim in the article) through course software for undergraduates. C&RL News, December 2009, pp. 630-633. URL:

This might be interesting for us in context of the Libraries  beginning to "push" CourseLib pages into Webvista and Moodle sites.

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Sounds like they were very successful very quickly. When I worked at Capella--the IT folks who helped students developed a bit of code that automated the process of getting updates so a person didn't have to go into each message board or forum individually to see if there is activity--which seems to make the process more efficient.

I think it is interesting it seems they made changes to their website and produced more general Library instruction pieces which were used frequently--much like our first discussion in the Coordinators group where we brainstormed "general" content.

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