Google versus China

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How does a society become information literate if they are not presented with all the facts, or have the opportunity to explore a variety of resources?  Dropping the filters that Google previously had on their China domain on March 22 has already sparked controversy in China.  How the government will react is still waiting to be seen.

 In the meantime, hopefully librarians will use the Google debate as an opportunity to discuss information literacy, specifically the first two points:
  • Determine the extent of information needed
  • Access the needed information effectively and efficiently (What are the implications of government censorship on information and IL? )
For more information on this matter, read Google's blog and Wired

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I think talking about this issue with students would be very interesting--so many of the things we take for granted we shouldn't. I wish we had some sort of a forum or is twitter the new forum to try to have a conversation on such issues...

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