Horizon Report 2010

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horizonreport_2010.jpgAs I was reading the report I want to take a look back and see the evaluation of the reports. So here is a brief list--The first two for each year are in the "1 year or less for time-to-adoption," the next two are in the 2-3 years and then the last two are 3-5 years.

Mobile Computing
Open Content
Electronic Books
Simple Augmented Reality
Gesture-Based Computing
Visual Data Analysis

2009: (IT Council and SED sponsored a talk around this Horizon Report last year)
Cloud Computing
The Personal Web
Semantic-Web Applications
Smart Objects

Grassroots Video
Collaboration Webs
Mobile Broadband
Data Mashups
Collective Intelligence
Social Operating Systems

User Created Content
Social Networking
Mobile Phones
Virtual Worlds
New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication
Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming

Social Computing
Personal Broadcasting
The Phones in Their Pockets
Educational Gaming
Augmented Reality and Enhanced Visualization
Context-Aware Environments and Devices

I was most interested in the near term trends and as I was reading the 2010 report I circled phrases that were meaningful to me:
  • abundance of resources...is increasingly challenging us to revisit our roles as educators in sense-making, coaching, and credentialing.
  • People want to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want
  • A faster approach is often perceived as a better approach....people want easy and timely access to...information
  • informal learning..."just in time" learning and "found" learning
  • need to emphasize critical inquiry and mental flexibility and provide students with necessary tools for those tasks
  • digital literacy must be less about tools and more about ways of thinking and seeing, and of crafting narrative
  • information is everywhere; the challenge is to make effective use of it
  • skills related to finding, evaluating, interpreting, and repurposing the resources they are studying in partnership with their teachers
  • Open content shifts the learning equation in a number of interesting ways; the most important is that its use promotes a set of skills that are critical in maintaining currency in any discipline--the ability to find, evaluate, and put new information to use.
  • supported open learning

What would it look like if the Libraries created tools to help students and faculty in "skills related to finding, evaluating, interpreting, and repurposing the resources they are studying in partnership with their teachers"

What is our role in ensuring instructors and faculty have the skills discussed in this report?

What would it look like if the Libraries used "supported open learning"?

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