Information Literacy Highlighted in the Horizon Report

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The annual Horizon Report starts off by identify key trends that are currently affecting the practice of teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in academia and ranks them according to how significant an impact they are likely to have on education during the next five years.  The very first trend listed in the 2010 report is about the challenge of improving information literacy (though they never actually use that term):

The abundance of resources and relationships made easily accessible via the Internet is increasingly challenging us to revisit our roles as educators in sense-making,coaching, and credentialing.  Institutions must consider the unique value that each adds to a world in which information is everywhere.  In such a world, sense-making and the ability to assess the credibility of information are paramount. 
Within the Libraries, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get faculty to think of us as resources or partners in helping students acquire these types of skills.  With more and more information available directly online, potentially without the mediation of the library or librarians, libraries increasingly have to be concerned that they are still perceived as relevant. However, I was quite surprised when the Horizon Report went on to suggest that universities themselves are starting to feel threatened: "Universities have always been seen as the gold standard for educational credentialing, but emerging certification programs from other sources are eroding the value of that mission daily." 

Do you think that the University of Minnesota sees itself as competing with outside credentialing entities? How do emerging technologies play into that trend? 

Join the Information Literacy Collaborative to discuss this and other questions raised by the 2010 Horizon Report on Tuesday, March 30 as part of the Current Issues Coffee Club series. 


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I deliberately didn't read your post before I added my own--interesting that I grabbed a couple of those same thoughts. Good question--feels like we are having to try to position ourselves on both ends of this spectrum--supporting those new to these technologies and pushing the other end to explore how we will fit in the in future.

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