Measure of Gravity

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The Gravity of a Library

"The gravity of a library can be calculated thus:

Formula to calculate library gravity

where G (gravity) is equal to the sum of C (collections) and S (services) multiplied by P (personnel) divided by F (facilities), which, in this case, is an expression of facilities inadequacy (higher inadequacy results in lower gravity).

Typically, a library organization will seek to balance these factors in order to maximize gravity, but many are willing to sacrifice several factors (facilities, service, and investment in quality personnel, for example) in order to invest in one (collections, let's say). It is clear that all of the quality accrued through collections, services, and personnel can be undone by shabby furniture, dirty restrooms, antiquated computers, and poorly shelved materials."

I wish instruction had been pulled out as a separate part since I think it can contribute a great deal to the gravitational pull of the Libraries. What do you think?

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