Spatial Literacy

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Is "spatiality" a neologism in the making?

I have been hearing about things "spatial" lately and wondering. At ALA in Boston, a friend described how he has just become a liaison to a program called "Spatial Studies" and at a recent Libraries Brown Bag presentation, Kate Peterson showed a slide that included "Spatial Literacy" as a core competency for undergraduates.

Is this about reading maps? It seems to be more:

"Lost in Space: On Becoming Spatially Literate." Knowledge Quest v. 36 no. 4 (March/April 2008) p. 32-9.

This is written from the K-12 teacher perspective but applies to us as well. 
It's a nice introduction to the concepts.

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As I was reading the Horizon Report and thinking of trends like augmented reality and visual data analysis this idea of thinking spatially seems like it will only grow in importance. This is also something I think I need to improve on too.

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