Do we teach HathiTrust?

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I noticed the updated in the Monday Memo (

And it got me thinking--how do you explain this in instruction? Do you need to? Is it really just a repository or is it a catalog? Any thoughts?

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Gosh that's a good question. At once it's this great and gigantic resource...but at the same time to our users it might just be another place to look being thrown at them by librarians in already overcrowded one-shot fifty minute session.

I think if we incorporate HathiTrust either it has to replace something else that we show students or we just mention it in passing as a resource without going into too much detail. An FYI.

I'm still unsure of how HathiTrust is different from Google Books from the user's perspective. They can still only view the full text of what's available in full text in Google Books (except for some government documents?). It seems like for the majority of our users Google Books would work just as well...its interface is simpler and Google is familiar to them.

Unless Hathi has some great value-added search qualities (robust advanced search, faceted responses)--and it may I haven't really looked into it--I don't see a reason to introduce yet another tool to users. (Especially undergrads).

But I'm ready to be convinced otherwise!

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