Top reads this past week: Assessment, Trends, USER Method

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Last week the Information Literacy Collaborative sponsored an Assessment workshop put on by the Center for Teaching and Learning.  As a follow-up to this Educause just released their Blended Learning Workshop online.  In the Assessment Unite they pose excellent questions for us all to consider when designing our instruction sessions, tutorials, and other learning experiences.  They include:
  • Are the objectives measurable? Do they demonstrate (authentic) something or reflect on knowledge/experience?
  • What do they say about student learning outcomes?
  • What is the goal of assessment--that is, what do you want the student to be able to do or demonstrate they can do? Consider using verbs to describe this and spend some time sharing these with students.
To view the various units on blended learning, visit:

Does anyone else ever have trouble keeping up with the disciplines they are a liaison to?  Being the librarian for Extension and CCE, I find tracking the breadth of trends sometime overwhelming.  Elisabeth Doucett, director of the Curtis Memorial Library, wrote a great piece for American Libraries regarding trend tracking.  The beauty of this article is that she breaks it out into managable chunks of 10-30minutes for each step.
To read step 7, "Put the ideas back in the file and let them sit for another week" visit: 

Another interesting article this week was by Char Booth at UC Berkley, " Build Your Own Instructional Literacy."  In this article she outlines the USER method: Understand, Structure, Engage, and Reflect.  To read the article, visit:

Lastly, OCLC did us all a favor and synthesized 12 user behavior studies into one report for us to browse.  The full text of The Digital Information Seeker: Report of Findings From Selected OCLC, RIN and JISC User Behaviour Projects can be found on the JISC Web site at

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Now I just need to carve out time to read a few of these..but its summer! Right? Any of these look good for future coffee clubs?

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