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Seems a bit silly but I wanted to re-post some of the articles posted over the AP list--mostly to help me to read them when I get a chance and it seems there are many teaching and learning applications (but I think I see that in everything I read):

Chronicle of Higher Education

Crowd Science Reaches New Heights
By Jeffrey R. Young
Alexander Szalay's career in astronomy took an unexpected turn when the Johns Hopkins U., where he is a professor, joined the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and he volunteered to help with data storage.

The Humanities Go Google By Marc Parry
Matthew L. Jockers may be the first English professor to assign 1,200 novels in one class. Lucky for the students, they don't have to read them. As grunts in Stanford University's new Literature Lab, these students investigate the evolution of literary style by teaming up like biologists and using computer programs to "read" an entire library.

U. of California Tries Just Saying No to Rising Journal Costs By Jennifer Howard
The University of California system has said "enough" to the Nature Publishing Group, one of the leading commercial scientific publishers, over a big proposed jump in the cost of the group's journals.

And from Inside Higher Ed

Embedded Librarians by Steve Kolowich
Two years from now, the medical library at Johns Hopkins, a world leader in medical research, will have realized a "distributed" library model -- one that nearly everyone else in higher education considers either a far-off goal or a theoretical guidepost. A library located everywhere, and nowhere.

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