Higher Education in 2025

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The following report, Future Thinking for Academic Librarians: Higher Education in 2025, spells out a variety of scenarios.

 "This document presents 26 possible scenarios based on an implications assessment of current trends, which may have an impact on all types of academic and research libraries over the next 15 years. The scenarios represent themes relating to academic culture, demographics, distance education, funding, globalization, infrastructure/facilities, libraries, political climate, publishing industry, societal values, students/learning, and technology. They are organized in a "scenario space" visualization tool, reflecting the expert judgment of ACRL members as to their expectations and perceptions about the probability, impact, speed of change, and threat/opportunity potential of each scenario. Finally, the study draws out implications for academic libraries."

  1. A college degree for every citizen
  2. Academic niche networking
  3. Activist seniors keep on working
  4. Archives on demand
  5. Breaking the textbook monopoly
  6. Bridging the scholar/practitioner divide
  7. Community over consumerism
  8. Creative conscription
  9. Design for disability
  10. Everyone is a "non-traditional" student
  11. I see what you see
  12. Increasing threat of cyberwar, cybercrime, and cyberterrorism
  13. Kinesthetic fluency
  14. Longevity is the new wealth
  15. Meet the new freshman class
  16. Money makes the world go around
  17. No need to search
  18. Out of business
  19. Pop-up campus
  20. Renaissance redux
  21. Right here with me
  22. Scholarhip stultifies
  23. Sign on the dotted line
  24. Think U
  25. This class brought to you by...
  26. Woven learning
The bold above were judged by survey participants to be both high impact and high probability. What do you think?

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