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It was interesting to hear the librarians from Harvard talk this week about using the Project ambient_findability.jpgInformation Literacy data and the power of data from their own students. There is a new feature from this project called Smart talks:

morville_searchpatterns.jpg"Smart Talks is an occasional series produced by Project Information Literacy (PIL). PIL hosts interviews with leading experts about PIL's findings and their thoughts about the challenges of finding information and conducting research in the digital age."

Their first interview is with Peter Morville entitled Search and the Paradox of Choice Project Information Literacy.

Read it at:

"PIL: Why is search so difficult for college students, especially the first few steps of search?"

"Peter: This finding is emblematic of the intimate relationship between search, learning, and decision making, and it brings to mind the paradox of choice. After all, the search box offers unrivaled selection. You can ask it any question. Or at least it often feels that way. For a student, this freedom can be simultaneously exhilarating and totally paralyzing. Also, most students lack a useful mental model of search."

I wonder if this could be used in an instruction session or by faculty as a "reading." I wonder what students reaction would be to this idea that "search" is difficult. Would there be nods of agreement or looks of disbelief?

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