Redesign how we think of information literacy

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dictionary_blur.jpgRan across this post by a British librarian that is causing my gears to move a little quicker today.

"Web 2.0 and social media has led to a more social and collaborative approach to information seeking and this is where we should look to reinvent our framing of information literacy (IL). Traditionally IL has been described as a set of skills or competencies that we can teach individuals regardless of context. However, we must consider information seeking as a social process based on the context of learners....Too often the tools are the focus of IL training when it should be on the symbiotic relationship between technology and changing social practices. By situating learning in context, we allow learners to construct and attach meaning to new skills rather than seeing them as apart from their everyday life information seeking.

...Social learning and collaborative construction of meaning in context is the crux of a 21stC model of information literacy....To sum up, I've been thinking about how information literacy came to be and where it's at now. Since developing out of a print paradigm (sorry another big word) IL has failed to naturally adapt, as it should have in response to constantly evolving technologies within a wide range of socio-cultural contexts. I believe we have an opportunity to revitalise IL by taking a more social approach to the way we consider learning, and situating it in socio-cultural context, rather than as a set of competencies or skills/tools that need to be mastered."

As we are beginning to work on revise and updating the Libraries Information Literacy mission, vision, goals it makes sense to frame it with today and tomorrow in mind--not so much of yesterday.

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