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Common Craft is a small company that does a great job of explaining web technologies in simple, easy-to-understand, short videos. I've used some of their videos in a classroom setting as a part of a lesson that incorporates a particular technology. The videos also inspire me to think about how to explain something in a way that conveys the idea in the simplest terms possible. Their latest video explains what Wikipedia is and how it works.


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I've used these in classes that I've assisted Jody with and they do work great! They have a good sense of humor to them that I've seen students from Pre-College to returning graduate student find engaging.

I was hoping to mention that you could embed this into a Courselib/Library Course page but it looks like this one isn't on youtube yet (where it is easy to get the embed code)--I know many are. I think these videos are great to say what you want to say without having to say it. Great way to start a discussion too.

I wonder if he (lee lever) ever travels to talk about how they make these...

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