IL and CT integration in American Cultural Studies course

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referenceservicesreview.jpgThis type of article and summary may be useful in the new Libraries website with examples for faculty. Is it necessary for the examples to be from our campus or will any good example do (or be even better?)?

Armstrong, J. (2010). Designing a writing intensive course with information literacy and critical thinking learning outcomes. Reference Services Review, 38(3).

In this article, Armstrong describes her peerreviewedarticle.jpg attempt to incorporate information literacy (IL) learning outcomes and critical thinking (CT) skills into a quarter-long capstone course in American Cultural Studies. After students choose their research project in the second class session, the librarian-professor spends three class days covering research methods. In general, the way in which the assignments are organized throughout the course are "designed to move students through the logical stages of the research and writing process and also to engage them in the dialectical relationship between research and critical thinking." Students are expected to exhibit a variety of IL and CT skills throughout the course, culminating in their final research paper. Since IL and CT skills are viewed on a learning continuum, a variety of assessments are used: qualitative and quantitative examination of citations used; a research methods questionnaire (e.g. "How did you do your research", etc.); pre- and post-course student evaluations; and overall course grading. The article provides a thoughtful source of inspiration for librarians planning semester-long IL-based courses.


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