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We have just discovered that our efforts to get the Library Course Page integrated with various University systems has paid off. There is now a "Library Resources" block on Moodle.

The process to create this was very interesting--partly because Moodle is a resource for the entire University of Minnsota system--so it was important for the developers to create a block that had value for everyone around the system. Hence the search box with "Ebscohost" and "MNCAT Plus." We were severely restricted on the wording for this drop down due to space (e.g. couldn't be Academic Search Premier). We are eager for feedback on this and to learn more about what makes sense to label these.

The links under the course title below for "Find Articles and Books" goes to the LCP page ( and the "Get Reserves Readings" goes to the "reserves" tab in the same page.

Here is an example of the "block" in Moodle:



We are still waiting to see an example for MyU--but if students go to their "MyCourses" tab they should see a link to the LCP along with links to their course sites in Moodle or Web Vista.

How can we tell instructors/faculty/staff to add the "Library Resources" block to their Moodle page?
After turning "editing on"--look on right hand side of the page and use the pull down menu label "Add.." under "Blocks." Select "Library Resources"


How can the Library Resources block be customized?
After the Library Resources block has been added to the Moodle page, you can click the "edit" (hammer) and you will be taken to a page to customize the block for your course. Here are the options and default settings:


If you have any questions, please let me know (

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w00t! Yes! This is awesome! Thanks for all your work on this Kate!

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