Instruction Program Round-up for Fall

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1. What is your experience with teaching with the new site?

  • How are you using the new site in your instruction? As we learn and teach with the new website, lets share some of what is working and not working. Please share your comments via this blog (click on the comment feature at the top). The IL Collaborative and Instruction Coordinator are planning on hosting a forum to share these in mid-October.

  • If you are demoing the personalization features and login with your information--you will also get the Drupal black bar at the top of the page which might make it difficult to demonstrate.  If you want another log in, feel free to use: libteach/Goldy7gopher.  You won't see any books or recommendations but you won't get the black bar at the top either.

  • If you are trying to describe something or want to direct a student to a particular can...use the #name of tab (you can hover over tabs and "right click>copy link location"
2. Check (and add to) the Information Literacy Toolkit ( to get ideas for orientation PPTs, guides, handouts and more.

3. Remember to use Desk Tracker for your statistics (

4. New templates from Communications for guides and PPTs (

5. Please continue to update RQS/Subjects and Library Course Pages (

6. Do you know how to reserve an instructional room with Google Calendar? Check out this quick guide ( and see arrow #10

7. We have revised the web pages about the Instruction in the Libraries ( and will continuing to edit and add content. Let us know if you have comments or suggestions.

Please let anyone in the Information Literacy Collaborative or Instruction Coordinators Group know if you have more questions or comments.

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