Orientations: Presenting the Library in 15 Minutes or Less

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It's that time of year again...the days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting cooler (knock on wood!) and the promise of chocolate-covered bacon at the State Fair makes me smile continually. 

(Can't wait for the fair!)                                                 (Image from TwisterMC via Flickr.  CC)

That's right...Autumn's approaching. And with it come Grad Student Orientations.

In my experience the library portion of the Grad Student Orientation usually lasts about 15 minutes.  Fifteen minutes to package the libraries' services, tools and policies and present them to 30-100 new graduate students who are being saturated with information throughout the day.

In my first two years I've tried a couple of different methods (short talks focused on the website with supplementary handouts, short talks focused on intriguing library services with supplementary handouts) in an attempt to make these few minutes useful for the students and effective enough that something that I present will stick with them as they go forward into the new academic year.

I'm in the planning process for Year 3 right now and I thought I'd turn to the Information Literacy Toolkit and see what we had tagged under orientation.

It looks like there are some good examples of orientation tools (some focused on faculty, some on International students) ...one of my favorites is a PowerPoint presentation put in the toolkit by Jan Fransen, "Your Guide to All Things Library".

I adapted this slideshow for my departmental orientations last year and I think it worked well...it's got a lot of good content and is a great example for presenting a lot of information in a succinct manner.

How do you approach the grad student orientation?    What do you focus on...collections?  Services? Tools? Some combo?  How do you present the information...PowerPoint? Prezi? Handouts?

If you have an effective method for these presentations please share in the comments...and if you have a good resource that you've used in the past it would be great to see such tools added to the toolkit!

Good luck prepping for the upcoming semester!

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Wow--that "guide" is amazing--lots of information! I love the mobile library pictures on the iphone. It is also interesting how much is showing how to get to Libraries stuff from other sites.

It is funny how many of our stuff changed location with the new website. Certainly seems like the time to rethink what one has done in the past. You will have to share your new stuff.

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