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Recently the Instruction Coordinators Group, created a short evaluation form for workshops. This quick and easy assessment was made using Google docs and is intended to help staff improve their instruction by getting patron feedback. While intended for workshops the evaluation  can be used to assess any instruction offering. For instance, I recently hosted a two day course integrated session for an honors history class. I sent the assessment to them and received great feedback. One student said that they found most helpful, "The information regarding how to find, identify, and utilize archival materials. The workshop improved my ability to identify the purpose of a given material and cite it." 

That is great, it is exactly what I was aiming for. However they also said "More information regarding how to use MNCAT and find archival materials outside the university system." would make the session better. I really needed to hear that since I can tend to overemphasis the aspects of archival research that energize me and give short shrift to the pieces I find more tedious. Now I can make sure I build in a more intentional treatment of searching next time.

If you want to send out the evaluation to a workshop or class you work with simply email them the following URL(

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I would also like us to create a plan for using the evaluation data to get a big picture and to give some guidelines/organizational strategies on how to use this data effectively (as it can be hard to do in the midst of instruction season and to remember to go back to it shortly before teaching again).

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