Death of PowerPoint (for me)

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As one of the beta testers for SlideRocket's latest upgrades, and I just thought I would share a few of the reasons I prefer to use SlideRocket over PowerPoint these days. 

  • Like with Google Docs, SlideRocket is in the cloud.  However, you can download it for back-up (I always do.)  You can also make it public or private.
  • Much easier to integrate media into a presentation.
  • it's worth it to just get an account to get their awesome newsletter w/ presentation tips. 
  • If you pay for the Pro version then you get access to polls, discussions, audio narration, etc.  It's pretty sweet, but a bit steep.
  • And most of all, I feel I have better creative control of the layout, style, etc. 
No matter the platform for presenting information, we all want to improve our skills.  My favorite presentation resource is SlideRocket's page.  Full of presentation techniques, examples of great design, etc.  Get Creative and Check it Out.

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I just watched the demo and SlideRocket looks really nice. Do you have any examples of your presentations with it that you can share?

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