Designing for the iPad?

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We just got a request from the CEHD to use the Intro to Library Research in a first year class--with their new iPads. Hum...good question.ipad.jpg The way we created Intro to Library Research--it is in Flash (by way of Captivate) which doesn't work on the iPad. So we are retro fitting the content to HTML pages to increase accessibility both for iPads and Screenreaders. We will share the final product soon.

I also ran across this post in the Chronicle but by a University of Minnesota faculty... The iPad, the Kindle, or a Manual Typewriter?

November 7, 2010, 5:31 pm
Chronicle of Higher Education

"We need e-book readers that can handle color and that are reasonably priced. Make it so, Amazon, Apple, or anyone else. I'll be working away on material for your reader, doing first drafts on a typewriter."

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