Examples of research/teaching with Primary Sources

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The Center for Research Libraries gives an annual award to instructors using primary sources. Seems like their winner are great examples we could point faculty to.

I am hoping to develop an email to send to faculty with a "need a little inspiration" sort of feel to it with some of the exhibits, unique database, maybe images. This might be a good way to share the "how" these can be used:

Award for Teaching:

primary.jpgDr. Anne Urbancic--Senior Lecturer, Italian Studies at the University of Toronto, Victoria College.
Nominated by Roma Kail, Reference, Research and Instruction Librarian, Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

To empower students to explore and engage the historiographical questions posed in this synopsis, Urbancic's course enabled undergraduate students to approach research like historians. The course was designed to provide the needed skills for such an undertaking through traditional classroom pedagogy, experiential exercises, and the creative use of primary source materials.

Award for Access: 

Dr. Elisabeth McMahon--Assistant Professor of History, Tulane University
Nominated by Dr. Randy Sparks, Professor and Chair of the History Department, Tulane University.

So for her spring 2009 Archiving Africa class, Dr. McMahon engaged her students in a community outreach partnership with the Amistad Research Center, an independent, nonprofit special collections library on the Tulane campus. The Archiving Africa class aimed to introduce upper-level seminar students to primary source documents on African history. By working with an Africa-related special collections library, the students received significant hands-on, primary-source experience while fulfilling the service-learning requirement.

Award for Research:

twitter_stream.jpgDr. G. R. Boynton--Professor of Political Science, University of Iowa
Nominated by Nicole Saylor, Head, Digital Library Services, University of Iowa Libraries.

Professor Boynton has received the 2010 Primary Source Award for Research for a project that deploys eight computers in the Main Library at the University of Iowa to continually harvest from the Web data on new media trends.

Learn more: http://www.crl.edu/primary-source-awards

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