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activelearningclassroom.jpgYou have probably seen this in the past week, College Students on the Web, by Jacob Nielsen. Great, short read that is useful for all the stuff we do on the web from LCP to Library homepage to tutorials...

Myths about Student Internet Use: 
Myth 1: Students Are Technology Wizards 
Myth 2: Students Crave Multimedia and Fancy Design 
Myth 3: Students Are Enraptured by Social Networking 

"Students are busy and grant themselves little time on individual websites. They pass over areas that appear too difficult or cumbersome to use. If they don't perceive an immediate payoff for their efforts, they won't click on a link, fix an error, or read detailed instructions." 

 "Students are strongly search dominant and turn to search at the smallest provocation in terms of difficult navigation." 

 "Instead, students consider websites as tools. A good site is one that helps them quickly accomplish their goals."

 "As with other higher-literacy adults, such as business professionals, students prefer websites that are easy to scan and don't intimidate them with a wall of gray text." 

 "Despite their general level of skepticism, most students suffered from Google Gullibility where they often uncritically selected the first result returned on the SERP (search engine results page)."

 "Students usually kept many browser tabs open at the same time. When a site slowed them down, they'd usually switch to another tab and continue on another site. "

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