Anybody have $$ for London?

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They announced the draft program for LILAC (Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference) lilac.jpgfor just have to figure out how to get to London! Here are some of the titles that caught my eye:

Read the abstracts at:

  • "But this is a library!": Deploying the Cookie Monster for Undergraduate Library Inductions

  • Information Management for Knowledge Creation: Facilitating the PhD candidates' interaction with scientific information in their research and publishing process

  • Developing students' digital literacy skills to live, work and thrive in a digital world

  • Ready to Research? An off-the-shelf solution enabling research students to assess their information literacy
  • Comparison of domestic and international students: What does their research process tell us about their information literacy skills?

  • Information Literacy in Top Schools of Business Evident to the Outside World?

  • Can we actively reduce plagiarism? Yes, we can! (and we have)

  • Information literacy: a tick box, skills list or a set of holistic, objective, intersubjective and enriching values?

  • Data Literacy Conceptions and Pedagogies: Redefining Information Literacy Frameworks for the 21st Century

  • Bibliometrics support for the research community: the experience of 4 Irish University libraries collaboratively producing a suite of Open Access reusable learning objects

  • What do university students want to know?: Re-evaluating information sessions based on an analysis of commonly-asked library questions

  • Enticing Graduate Students and Faculty Members: Librarians Creating Research Webs

  • Martini information literacy: How does "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" access to information change what Information Literacy means?

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