Before they come: Examples of pre-library instruction survey questions

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Laurel and Kim shared examples of the questions they used as they surveyed students a few walter_libraryinstruction.jpgdays before their scheduled library instruction session. They presented their results in a poster at the Library Assembly on Dec. 1 (see this blog post).

  • What are the areas or topics that you would like most learn more about in a library orientation session? 
  •  When you search for articles for this paper, which search tool(s) do you use? Pick more than one option 
  • If you were given a journal article citation, and were told that the article was available full-text, would you be able to locate the full-text article? 
  • Do you have a RefWorks Account? 
  • Do you have any burning questions about research that you want to be sure I cover? 

See more questions and examples of preliminary text from the document in the IL toolkit: I hope to experiment with this during spring semester. Has anyone else tried this? Seems like post-possibly learning outcome type questions aren't far behind...

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