Library Issues Seminar 1/24/2011

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Here are a few of the things mentioned in the recent Library Issues seminar. We reported interesting themes and presentations from the following conferences:

Selected Themes:regrettheerror.jpg

Livening up your instruction session (storytelling, images, narrative, comics, etc.)

Silverman, C. (2007). Regret the error: How media mistakes pollute the press and imperil free speech. New York: Union Square Press. 

BBC: Wrong Guy on YouTube (

Dalhousie Libraries Cartoons & Humor:

Supporting Students on Topics
Using images to find/refine a topic. For example, uing Artstor image have small groups work on what they see and what questions they have. What do you see? What do you want to know more about?  What does this mean to __ (time/place)? 

Group brainstorming topic activity sheet:   

Making it "stick"
Making it their idea: The Learning Cycle in library instruction by Eric Frierson in In the Library with the Lead Pipe

Marek, E. A., Cavallo, A. M. L., & Renner, J. W. (1997). The learning cycle: Elementary learningcycle.jpgschool science and beyond. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Transitions to College

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