Strategic Marketing and How Scan II Can Help

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Jody Kempf and I just taught a session of our new workshop Team Skills: Library Tools for Collaboration and were pleasantly surprised to find that we had 21 people show up for the workshop.  This is the same workshop that we had to cancel last semester because of low enrollment. what happened?

There are lots of variables that may have played a role in the new interest, but one thing that I think played a part was an email I sent to instructors in my liaison departments who specifically teach classes with a team component.  One of those classes, ME 4054W, sent 18 of the participants after the instructor forwarded my email and "highly recommended" that each group send a representative.  The professor also attended the workshop.

This got me to thinking of Phase II of the Information Literacy Scan and how it might be used outside of adding a library lecture to a class.  By engaging with the syllabi and whatnot from our departments it might provide us with instructors to contact when promoting our workshops.     This targeted promotion may reach people that our blog posts and Twitter feeds aren't connecting with. 

Scan II might also help us in coming up with new workshops to teach that can support assignments students are encountering.

In this case the professor liked the workshop and wants to discuss the possibility of moving it into a classroom-integrated session in the even out-of-class opportunities to connect with students can evolve into that class integration we information literacy fans like to see!

Just another way to look at Scan II...Have fun!


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Very interesting--funny what can happen when we try to connect some of the dots--usually we think of the workshops as outside the curriculum. Great example on the value of proving value by doing/trying.

What a great idea and connection between workshops and assignment, and then possibly bringing the workshop into the classroom in a future course! Great success story.

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