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Session overview: Participants will learn to evaluate tools for finding, organizing, and sharing research sources/content and citations.


Citation Managers: Zotero/RefWorks
Keeping up tool: Reader (TOCs) 

Library Tools (gaining 2.0 functionality): Library Catalog (tags, reviews), My account, 

RefWorks/Zotero--for collaboration 
Push feeds to page (e.g. Moodle, etc.) 

1.) Brainstorm 3 ways you can use some of these tools in your work. 
2.) Share one of these in the comments of this blog post.


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Consider having students use Zotero to establish collections of resource materials they can use once they graduate and no longer have access to resources through online course materials.

Recently, we had a request from an outside user for more information on an image in the Digital Content Library. We had scanned the image from a book from a personal collection, and no copy was available in the University Libraries. So I searched for the source on Google Books and found the information that the user needed.

I have to do research for five different grad ed transition committees and make it available for them to share on Moodles and wikis. I can imagine using all of the tools we reviewed today for different aspects of this work. Now, if I just had time between committee meetings to practice using them...

Citation manager tools can be used to bring together references for a training.

I am feeling a little more confident that I can begin to use the RefWorks and for finding my own resources from the library rather than relying so heavily on my graduate assistant. Thanks for the presentation!

It looks like you might have students work in groups to create collections in Hathi Trust that they might annotate as a set of resources for a particular research project.

We could use Zotero this way as well. That way, the pool of resources would be greater. Perhaps the way to "annotate" is to tag the items. Is there a way to share "collections" in Zotero with groups of people?

I have an upcoming assignment to present relevant media on Cold War "orientalism" for a class. A search on Japanese war posters in the University Media Archive brings up a number of relevant examples. I can use the embed link to access the image for my class presentation. Then I can use the subject terms for a search to do my analysis.

Having a better understanding of these tools will help me support Extension educators in making decisions on what tools will best meet their needs. Personally, when researching different topics, I think it will be very handy to store results in RefWorks or zotero, rather than the hodge-podge of bookmarks I tend to use.

One application that comes to mind for the coding side of my job is the use of Zotero or another citation manager to reference web pages that contain code snippets, hints or anything of value, to share with others in my group. If you can't figure out how to code for some specific task, you can often find hints or fully-implemented code out there already, but sorting through the cruft of the web is difficult, and without a better citation (or storage & tagging) mechanism than browser bookmarks, it can become difficult to manage what's been found and share with others.

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