Need an article to take outside and read in the sun?

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Here are a few suggestions...

  •  Nick Bilton (April 14, 2011). YouTube Sentences Copyright Offenders to School. New York Times. Retrieved from on April 14, 2011.

  • "Geeks Are the Future: A Program in Ann Arbor, MI, Argues for a Resource Shift Toward IT" in Library Journal ...

    "Reference is dead and libraries need more geeks"

  • What are libraries for? by Hugh McGuire in In the Library with the Lead Pipe blog

    "Ebooks will become the dominant form of casual reading for adults at some point in the future1. When this happens, community and public libraries will face a major existential crisis, because a fundamental (perhaps the fundamental) function of community libraries--lending print books--will no longer be a fundamental demand from the community. Libraries that do not adjust will find their services increasingly irrelevant to the populations they serve."
image: The Kindle Gazer, after Lilla Cabot Perry by Mike Licht, / CC-BY

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