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I saw two interesting job ads recently (no I am not looking :)

Multidisciplinary Instruction Librarian - NYU (http://library.nyu.edu/about/jobs.html)

I was struck both by the slightly odd job titles and by elements of the job descriptions. I highlighted the following phrases below that stood out to me. I was struck about how these positions continue to combine and mesh what might have been distinct positions in a previous generation...and how much they integrate the teaching/learning role of librarians with other duties-yet also aren't subject specific liaisons. 

...develop a framework for transitioning upper-division undergraduates from basic research skills to discipline-specific library research methods.

...The role involves program and curriculum development, implementation and assessment; a significant teaching load; and outreach and promotion to faculty and students using multiple avenues of communication.

...Librarians play a key role in the educational mission of NYU by establishing strong relationships with faculty and students, and connecting them to the services, content, and tools that meet their research, teaching, and learning needs.

...seeks a creative, user-centered, and energetic individual to design and implement innovations in the delivery of library services via our online environment.   Emphasis will be on content development and evaluation of the Library's public services web presence and its programmatic tie to our virtual reference environment.

...Promotes the Library's virtual learning environment in support of teaching, learning, and research. Specific duties include authoring and editing web content related to services, collections, and libraries; providing staff training and documentation; and analyzing online user behavior in terms of advancing our virtual reference service.

...If you are interested in joining a team focused on delivering robust virtual learning environments, we invite you to apply for this position.

What do you think?

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As a brand new MLIS grad, I'm not surprised. Job descriptions like these are why I'm so excited about the field. I am way interested in "joining a team focused on delivering robust virtual learning environments."

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