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stss.jpgCool an active learning conference in an active learning space... 

"The purpose of the forum is to advance practice and research on active learning spaces in areas such as pedagogical innovation, student learning assessment, and faculty support."

Anyone going? 

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I attended the conference, which was a fantastic gathering of learning spaces designers, faculty, learning technologists and support staff. You can find the resources on the conference website, at:

Here are some take-aways/examples from the sessions:
- Clickrs are best for large lectures or questions that might reveal personal information/ controversial
- Consider assigning roles for small group discussions: proponent, recorder, skeptic discuss the concept; faculty then rolls dice and the two numbers represent the tables and the proponent from one and the skeptic have to discuss to the whole class
- envelope with 13 photos, organize into different groups based on your own choosing, name each group; this leads into a discussion on taxonomy
- Whiteboards: discuss expectations about the course, discuss pro/con iissues with working in groups and create contracts
- have students use for discussions
- try real time writing as a group online with google docs and other writing websites
- Internet is a forum of external memory
- Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning Pogil
- Move to stripped down textbooks, Univ. of Illinois, students don’t read, they google concepts
- Teaching is the art of changing the brain
- Prior knowledge- only way you can learn something new is to activate neurocircuts already have

Backward design was a big portion of the conference as well. Don't organize a session based on what you want the students to know, but instead on what you want them to do.

4 S's- assignments sat each stage should be:
Significant problem- students view problem as authentic/real life
Same problem- individuals work on same problem, case, ?
Specific choice - individuals should be required to use concepts to make a specific choice
Simultaneously report- groups should report their choices simultaneously

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