Presenting...the Research Ninjas

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We have been using this small QR code affixed to the Libraries map as an attention grabber with students during a variety of Orientation events. There has been a positive response--we explain that students can get help from the "Research Ninja's" throughout the Libraries and the QR codes takes students to the Libraries homepage/mobile page if scanned with their smartphones.

Designed by Andrew Palahniuk


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This is great. It's both attention grabbing and humorous, and I think that the Libraries would do well to cultivate more content in the same vein. I also like the spin on the boring QR codes that we see everywhere now, too.

I like it! They say that you can obscure up to 30% of the QR Code and still have it function (that's why the Ninja can be in the center.) Just keep in mind that the 30% wiggle room is helpful for those times when it's hard to get a good picture (dirty camera lens, standing far away, scanning through a display case (tricky!), low-res QR Code, small QR Code, etc.)

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