Redefining the academic library

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Redefining the Academic Library Washington, DC: Education Advisory Board, November 2011.(

" This long but incredibly pithy and insightful presentation does an excellent job of summarizing the challenges academic libraries face and also some potential responses to those challenges. Although I doubt that this presentation was intended to be out "in the wild" rather than behind the login that the casual user faces at the Education Advisory Board web site, out in the wild it is so I'm going to call attention to it. Even without the presenter's notes, the slides have enough content to them that the intent is plain -- to see the situation of academic libraries clearly and without rose-tinted lenses, and to offer innovative responses. This is one of the single best sources for this kind of guidance I've seen in a long time, and I don't say that merely because it draws upon the work of some of my colleagues at OCLC. If you work in an academic library, you need to read this, take it to heart, and act." - Roy Tennant from

Has a few bits on teaching and learning:


And I thought this was an effective slide...on many levels...


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