A "Jolt" to University Teaching

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Jennie B passed this on to A&H but I think it is interesting to all... 


Harvard Conference Seeks to Jolt University Teaching
By Dan Berrett

"Students should be made to grapple with the material and receive authentic and explicit practice in thinking like an expert, Mr. Wieman said. Faculty would need to provide timely and specific feedback, and move beyond lectures in which students can sit passively receiving information."

"Lectures set up a dynamic in which students passively receive information that they quickly forget after the test. "They're not confronted with their misconceptions," Mr. Mazur said. "They walk out with a false sense of security." The traditional lecture also fails at other educational goals: prodding students to make meaning from what they learn, to ask questions, extract knowledge, and apply it in a new context."

Then the articles gives a couple of ideas what helps learning:
  • low stakes quizzes
  • writing--for example to explain on concept
  • "Asking students to explain concepts or to teach one another the material they have just learned are also effective."

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