Beyond Moodle?

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Thoughts on a Post-LMS World:
from EDUCAUSE Review

"The exponential growth of open source, a new age of interoperable systems, and the increasing demand for e-learning solutions have converged to make the time right for a new kind of LMS."

"In this new LMS environment, a faculty member is a learning architect (the future) as opposed to a learning manager (the present). The LMS 3.0 world will adapt to the art of teaching as opposed to faculty having to adapt to a particular technology."

"Content used for enrichment as well as remediation can be subscribed and syndicated to student learning profiles in ways we cannot accomplish today. In the new LMS world, institutions will be able to shape the component architecture to the individual needs of the program, course, or learner."

Essential Components:
  • Learning Grids
  • E-Learning Intelligence
  • Content Clouds
  • Open Architecture

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