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LCP and Voting in Brief

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The Peer Research Consultants are now available for Fall semester!

We now have drop-in hours and appointments available with our two veteran PRCs and we will have expanded hours on Oct. 3rd once the new PRCs complete training. We have a total of 4 consultants this fall -- Devyn, Chris, Karen and Drew. 

To review, the Peer Research Consultants (PRC) is a program aimed at first year, international, and first generation undergraduates and provide one-on-one assistance to students to help them develop the research strategies and find useful sources (articles, books, etc.) needed for excellent research papers.  

The service compliments our strong liaison librarian program integrated into all departments on campus and our great service point staff. We know many students are comfortable with the peer tutoring model that the PRCs use and the average interaction between students and PRCs is 30 minutes. The PRCs can help students in narrowing a topic, finding articles and books, selecting academic sources, evaluating and more. The PRCs are familiar with the Intro to Library Research workshops and will help build on the skills learned in these sessions.

[it is linked on the "Course Support" tab]

What do students have to say about the PRCs?
  • "She was very helpful when I was looking for specific information on the library website. She explained the website very well and gave excellent tips!"
  • "He was very helpful in  helping me figure out what I wanted to write my paper on and where I could find the sources. Afterwards I was able to understand my paper."
  • "Approachable advising that assisted me with furthering my research goals; very useful."

What do instructors have to say about the PRCs?

  • " of my students came in raving about his experience with the peer research consultants....Since then a couple more students have made visits and in their emails to me, I see that their research focus is improving. This is a great service!"
Fall 2012 Walk-in Hours in Walter SMART Commons or Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence-141 Appleby (with full staffing starting October 3rd)
  • Mondays: 11:30-5:30
  • Tuesdays: 10:30 to 6:00
  • Wednesday: 11:30 to 6:30
  • Thursdays: 11 to 1 and 2:30 to 4:30
  • Fridays: 1 to 5


"SMART Learning Commons
Libraries host academic programming including 
tutors, structured study 
groups and practice 
exams. Peer Research 
Consultants can also help 
with research papers and 
projects. Commons are 
located in Walter, Wilson 
and Magrath libraries."

Time to re-evaluate how we teach information literacy: Applying PICO in library instruction
  • Students do not know where to begin and end a research question, a database search, or a research paper.  So asserts the 2010 Project Information Literacy (PIL) study, which emphasizes the need for academic librarians to teach students to formulate research questions "over teaching the selection of resources."
  • In 1995, the anatomy of a clinical question was described as having components mirroring the research process: patient or problem (P), intervention (I), comparison intervention (C), and outcome (O).2 The PICO movement was born, an acronym that health sciences librarians have used successfully for many years to guide students as they begin their research.
  • PICO skillfully serves three vital purposes that help students get started. First, the elements of the research question are penned in a structured manner.
  • Second, PICO logically provides the beginnings of a focused search.
  • Third, it demands librarians alter their typical approach and spend time on question development before jumping into the depths of resources and searching. 

Example handout: 

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