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I just got an email from Project Information Literacy saying that their new report was about to be published:A content analysis of 191 course-related research assignment handouts professors distributed to undergraduates on 28 U.S. campuses (including the University of Minnesota). The report, "Assigning Inquiry: How Handouts for Research Assignments Guide Today's College Students," will be released in the next few days. Here is a preview:

"Instructional design is a process for systematically designing effective instructional materials and learning opportunities. Good instructional design involves needs assessment, development, evaluation, implementation, and maintenance of the learning system... These principles can help librarians design effective and high-impact teaching environments from semester long courses to one-shot library instruction classes to the effective use of signage and website design."

-taken from a pre-conference session description:

Learn more at Designing Better Libraries.....What is instructional design?

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