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I was taken by this post from a professor from Butler University on "A New Kind of Final"

"As I have been reflecting more and more on how technology is changing not only how we teach, but also what we need to teach students, and train students to be able to do, I have found myself considering phasing out exams of the traditional sort, in which I essentially test what they have been able to remember. Information is available with a few clicks of their thumbs, and so it seems better to instead test students' ability to find reliable information online, rather than test their ability to remember it"

"And so I may in the near future give a final exam in which students have access to whatever electronic devices they wish, and are given a limited time in which to locate reliable information and use it to answer a question - with appropriate credit being given to sources and without any plagiarism, of course."

Certainly shifts the skills students would need to focus on in the semester.....

Info Lit in Pictures

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I don't know the origin of these but it is an interesting idea---

What do you think?
Did you see they posted a "behind the scenes" of the New Spice video.

Love it too! Any anytime I feel like I should be able to pull off this sort of quality sitting in front of my laptop--just seeing all the work that went into this makes me feel a little bit better.

Now we just have to figure out how to capitalize on all the work they did...anyone planning on using this in instruction this year?


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